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Support for Manager Desktop Edition is wonky because we need to identify the port number the Manager Server is running on-- the only way the script can do that is by guessing.

You can speed up this process by specifying the URL the server is running on.


Click the Windows Button and type %appdata%/Manager/ManagerServer.exe then click Enter

Manager Server will run on port 8080, so type in the Manager URL field.

Manager URL field filled with
It should look like this

Mac OS

Open Terminal and run the command sudo lsof -i -n -P | grep TCP | grep LISTEN | grep Manager
You will be prompted to type your Mac User's password, however, it will not show the characters as you type them

You should see a line of output that looks like:

Manager   23*56           omar   11u  IPv4 0x53************55      0t0    TCP (LISTEN)

If nothing shows up, then Manager is not running on your computer.
If it is running, then send me an email please mentioning which Mac OS version you are running

Copy the and paste it in the Manager URL field and prepend it with http://.

Manager URL field filled with
It should look like this

Manager Desktop Edition assigns the port number randomly each time it is run, so you have to do this everytime Manager restarts

Software is free of charge.

Chrome has a Browser Market Share of 59% by at the time of writing.

If you have a platform you want me to support, please send me an email and I'll consider it if there's a lot of demand.